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8.00AM -


Registration Session

9.00AM -


Welcome Speech / Opening / Launching / Implementation of MOU

10.00AM -


Dive into the World of Media Prima with Data. Perspective that gives difference & impact!

Datuk Mohd Efendi Omar

COO,​ Media Prima OMNiA​

10.45AM -


Master AI and Data for multi-platform target audiences

Ashran Dato Ghazi

CEO, Dattel Asia Group (OHSEMAds)

11.15AM -


Unifi Your Digital Platform

Mohamad Yusman Ammeran

Vice President, Unifi Business

11.45AM -


Mystery Special Speaker

12.30PM -


Networking Lunch / General Lunch​

1.30PM - 2.30PM

Main Stage 1

AI is your business! Where do I start?

AI is a hot topic but most SMEs don't know what they can use AI for in their day-to-day business. This session will discuss SME opportunities in the daily use of their business, especially in increasing their sales. Panelists will share their experiences in helping entrepreneurs and what entrepreneurs themselves need to answer in choosing their AI journey.​​


Shahril Azwin

Founder, Azwin Ecosystems

Nhu Nguyen

Founder/CEO, New Digital Sdn Bhd


Carol Fung

Head of MSME Digital Transformation,


Main Stage 2

Behind the Scenes of TikTok AI and AI content opportunities

We all know in general that what we 'experience' TikTok as users is powered by various algorithms and AI. For the first time ever, TikTok will share about the AI ​​it uses and how you can understand TikTok's AI to maximize the impact of advertising, content and sales. This session will also share about AI tools that can be used in conjunction with TikTok to maximize our ROI. ​


Nur Azre

Head, Partnerships, Revenue, & Events, TikTok Shop

Cikgu Samm

Founder/CEO, Cikgu Samm

Shin Kong

Founder/CEO, Aimazin


Dzulfaqar Hashim

Founder/CEO, Kerabat Digital Sdn Bhd

2.30PM - 3.30PM

Main Stage 1

How to UNLOCK existing DATA for sale?

Data is often talked about its value but SMEs are not clear in terms of how their data unlocks this data towards sales. This session will discuss the perception/understanding of entrepreneurs about data and databases. What is the potential with the database and what is the potential that can be used with the data obtained. What is the efficient way to collect database and data to help boost sales.​


Fahdi Ghazali

Founder/Chairman, FunnelEvo Group


Fudzail Husin


Main Stage 2

Win the hearts of customers with Data & AI

All businesses want to win the hearts of their customers. Either prospects or existing customers. This session will discuss how you can use data and AI to run advertising that is more accurate and relevant to the tastes of your consumer prospects. ​ For those who already have users, how can they access their relevant user data so that it can be used to ensure the loyalty of your users.


Najib Asaddok

Founder/CEO, Momentum Digital

Hanif Wahid

Product Lead, SferaAI

Caressa Cheng

GM Digital Business Platform, Unifi Business


Silmyi M.Sadek

Chief Geek​, Brand Geeks Inc

3.30PM - 4.30PM

Main Stage 1

Digital Products with AI! Can you make money?

The panel will talk about RBF and how they use digital data in their credit assessments. How the use of Biz Data Wallet helps speed up the process of sharing data to funding.


Dzulfaqar Hashim

Founder/CEO, Kerabat Digital



COO, Bumbu Agency

Main Stage 2

Creative AI vs Creative You: What's the right balance for your business?

After the launch of ChatGPT, there are so many creative AI platforms that have emerged or are known. Is this creative AI that easy? If I use creative AI, do I need to have creative knowledge? What do founders / marketers need? What is the appropriate balance. This is a question that will be discussed by the panelists. ​


Warren Leow

CEO, Pixlr 

Nicholas Sagau

COO, REV Media Group


Nazlina Othman

GM SME Digital Solutions​
Unifi Business

4.30PM - 5.30PM

Main Stage 1

Can you not use Digital Business Data to get quick financing?

Revenue Based Financing is a new concept in Malaysia. One of the main things required in the RBF framework is to plug in or give access to their digital data financiers such as accounting in the cloud, e-commerce platforms etc. The panel will talk about RBF and how they use digital data in their credit assessments. How the use of Biz Data Wallet helps speed up the process of sharing data to financiers.


Shafik Ali

Founder/CEO, du-itX

Percy Hung

CEO/Co-Founder, Choco Up

Charles Zhang

Head of Commercial, Jenfi


Somasundaram Nagappan

Head of DataMart Unit​, MDEC

Main Stage 2

Customer is gold? Understand them with AI

There is no denying that the customer is the heart of any business. And the business world is getting more and more challenging and consumers are bombarded with various types of advertisements and promotions. Only by understanding the user, we can ensure 'customer retention'. By understanding them as well, we can optimize the promotion and also the type of promotion that we want to highlight. ​ The panel will discuss how SMEs can use digital platforms as a channel to obtain consumer behavior data, and how to apply that data to boost sales!​​


Amirul Mokhtar

Marketing Director, Your Scent Station

Kayel Lee

CEO, Togethër


Manisah Sarujee​

Geek-in-Command, Brand Geeks Inc


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6 JUNE 2024

World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur (WTCKL)

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