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Children's Toys
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Plan to bring your kids to attend OHSEM360?

Kiddocare helps Parents Focus More On OHSEM360.

Get your FREE TICKET NOW to attend OHSEM360!

We're Ready !

Made by parents for parents, Kiddocare is Malaysia’s first and preferred on-demand babysitting platform that conveniently connects parents with trained and vetted Malaysian babysitters based on their preferred time and location. Kiddocare have become exclusive partner for OHSEM360 for parents that able to bring your kid and we will take good care while parent's able to focus on learning.

Get your FREE TICKET NOW to attend OHSEM360!




It's EASY!

1. Register at OHSEM360

2. Fill in the form @ Kiddocare

3. Kiddocare will contact you for confirmation and further information

Friendly Reminder

Here is the list of things that parents need to prepare :


1) Formula Milk or EBM (if needed)

2) Milk bottle (if needed) and Water bottle (Parent need to prepare Thermos for child if needed)

3) Hot water (if needed) and Normal water

4) Extra clothes

5) Diapers

6) Foods and Drinks

7) Towel

8) Wet wipes

9) Blanket

10) Toto

11) Pillow


*All things must be labelled.

*Jewellery and toys are not allowed.


Fun !

Safe !

Learning !

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